Statues et statuettes en marbres et roches 2012

"ORÉASIS"  46 cm
Marbre Rouge Royal de Belgique
Thème; métamorphose extracristaline tirant sur la formation driédrique du quartz.

"ZILIANS"  ~33 cm 
Marbre rouge Royal de terrasse (ton jauni) Belgique
Convergeance d'être imaginaire au ligne fluide

"D' GÉNÉSIS"43 cm
Marbre de Rance (provenant du Musée National du Marbre deb Rance Belgique)
Ton Vert-Gris avec un peu de griotte
Thème; Genése jumelante extramorphe d'autocréation

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Dear Jean,

Greetings! Recently, we were familiarized with your work by one of our contributing curators. After reviewing it online, I would like to discuss with you an opportunity of a possible exhibition.

Our gallery is located on the Lower East Side — the most exciting art district in Manhattan with over 200 art galleries next to the Tenement Museum, the International Center of Photography (ICP) and a short walk from the New Museum. You may find more information on http://les.nyc/art/. Artifact occupies a ground floor space with a direct exposure to a busy pedestrian traffic, which allows to exhibit artwork at the venue with a maximum capacity for proper presentation, marketing and sales. See it on http://vimeo.com/78958772.

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Artifact schedules exhibitions in advance. During a three or two-week solo exhibition the gallery covers essential expenses related to our space, installation, gallery infrastructure, printing and mailing of invitations and an opening reception.
To further promote exhibitions, artists engage additional marketing options which they can afford, such as an exhibition catalog and advertising. Artists cover expenses related to shipping of their artwork.

Shall you decide that our space and exhibition terms are appropriate for your possible exhibition, please contact us for further details at info@artifactnyc.net. Please feel free to browse our website and social media and let me know if you have any questions.

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